You can touch this

A javascript library for multi-touch gestures.

Download Hammer.js 1.1.1

It's small and standalone

At less then 3kb when gzipped, it is a lightweight and efficient library. No extras you don't need.

Hammer doesn't require jQuery or other libraries to work. A jQuery plugin is available though.

Supported gestures

Hammer supports Tap, DoubleTap, Swipe, Drag, Pinch, and Rotate gestures. Each gesture triggers useful events and eventData.


These examples are only for showing what you could do with Hammer. It's not an component library.

Device support

Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows touch devices. It also works on desktop browsers. Older IE versions with the jQuery plugin. Compatibility Table.


Hammer(el).on("doubletap", function() {
    alert('you doubletapped me!');

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